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Xbox One S

John-Paul Morgan
4 Nov 2019

On the 16th of October I had an Email to say that I was selected to review the Xbox One S. I never got selected or won anything before, so to get asked to review this console was a dream.
Then on the 31st of October I had a second Email saying that the product was ordered via Amazon Prime and it would arrive the next day, and it did. I was very surprised how quick the delivery was. I was very impressed. The delivery person was very friendly and poliet. It was a fantastic delivery service.
When the delivery/package arrived it was well secured and well presented. It was neatly packed and secured in the Amazon Prime box with Polystyerine which I found very good as it stopped anything getting damaged.
The product came with: 
1 games console
1 games controller
1 manual
2 double A batteries for the controller
1 power plug.
The console had: 2 HDMI ports at the back, 1 TV out, 1 SAT/cable which is for normal TV. The Xbox also came with 3 USB ports and 1 ethernet cable.
I have had the console in my possession for a couple of days now since the Email. Upon testing the games console, it takes quite sometime to load up due to the fact I had too do the updates. As soon as the updates were installed the console was performing great even though I have a 720p at 60Hz refresh rate on my TV. The console still performed fast and going from 1 menu to another fluently.
My game experience was very fluent and smooth. The controller has a nice grip to it as I have athurtis, so it was comfortable to grab onto and pickup. The input when pressing the buttons was absolutely fantastic, it did exactly what I wanted at a great speed. It corresponded when the buttons were pressed.
With the time I spent with the Xbox Console I'm happy to say that the Xbox is well designed, it has a brilliant White Matte casing and the fan was as quiet as a mouse.
In my summary I would rate this prouduct a 5 as being excellent. I would recommend this for people aged 18 or over, due to it being solely designed for hardcore gamers in mind. I wouldn't recommend this product to young children as it really isn't compatable for them.

Xbox One

Derek Greenaway
1 Feb 2019

I will give the dilivery a 5star said it would be here on the day and arrived 

2. The product came as described and in perfect condition 
3. Works perfectly everything working as it should all 5 star had no problems 
4. Quality excellent 1tb makes a hell of a difference 
5. 5 star rating excellent summery all in all fantastic can’t believe I won it 


Jacqui Lunt
1 Dec 2018

This is a review for NCR of some Starbucks Coffee Shops in Edinburgh.
Please accept my sincere thanks for choosing me for this review, it being much
appreciated by my husband and I, and enabling us a treat or two. A pleasant
surprise receiving the email from Tania Walker, who was very helpful in answering
any questions / queries I had.
My Score for Starbucks is a 3 - Good
However, other than the issues outlined below, I would normally have given them
4 - Very Good. The 3, is reflective of the dirtiness I have come to associate with
many outlets in Edinburgh, and not Starbucks as a Global Brand.
On the whole it was a pleasant experience, and good to compare branches here
to ones Worldwide. However I have noticed in most of the branches I reviewed,
they are a bit messy and dirty. Tables sticky due to not being wiped properly,
cups/plates still on tables and not promptly cleared away. This as far as I can see,
is mainly due to lack of staff training or time to clean up. It would appear that both
Locals and Tourists alike in Edinburgh seem to be a lot more messy compared to
other International locations. They appear more inclined to drop food on the floor,
leave mess on tables, instead of being polite and helpful to the Starbucks Staff. It
may be wise to employ a cleaner whose sole job is to ensure the total cleanliness
of the outlet. I have also found a few times, there is only one staff member taking
orders and making coffee, which means a longer wait for your much needed
coffee, or worse, a higher degree of errors with orders.
We did visit one Starbucks, that I thought I could use my Gift Card / Phone Credit
at, only to be told by the staff that they do not accept these or any Starbucks
loyalty Cards etc. This because of being a Franchise in a hotel, even though fully
branded as Starbucks, with Uniforms, Banners etc. This I found shocking and
personally think that if it is a Starbucks, franchise or not, they should still accept
everything advertised by Starbucks. Otherwise Starbucks needs to ensure in its
marketing of such promotions these are not applicable in Franchises, or they
should not operate with the full Starbucks branding, as this just undermines the
Starbucks product and confuses customers.
Food-wise, this is mainly good, a little expensive, but so is everything in
Edinburgh. The Muffins are good, love the lemon ones, and the sandwiches they
offer are of a good range, but could change variety now and again and maybe
have a few specials on the food range like their coffees. Having a more exciting
range, instead of the standard products you get in every coffee shop. Less sugar
in sweet items would also be nice, as I personally find that the Edinburgh food
scene has too much sugar and salt in products instead of letting the ingredients
speak for themselves. Allowing you to taste all the natural local produce you have
seasonally, this also being a step in helping people live a healthier life yet still
have a good tasting treat. Food items are stored well, kept refrigerated and
packaged properly. Staff as usual are very helpful and polite.
I did find that a lot of the Edinburgh Starbucks locations had an issue for people
who had wheelchairs or difficulty getting up stairs, elderly etc,. This due to most of
the Central locations having “upstairs” seating areas. Meanwhile downstairs was
often limited to hard chairs in a small crowded area if needing to sit in. This not
offering a very relaxing experience when needing a coffee break. I do understand
about the regulations in the old buildings, but being Starbucks which I have
always felt relaxed in, there is always a way to help those who want a coffee in
comfort and peace. Maybe a few more comfortable chairs downstairs may work.
Apart from the filthiness of the branches, which I believe to be mainly a customer
and staff training issue. That said, I observed that the Staff, when able too, did try
to clean up, whilst other hygiene matters seem to be good,. I have only visited
one toilet so far, it was clean and tidy, just a bother getting in using a keypad
outer door., where you had to ask the counter staff for the entry code.
On a whole I, as usual, enjoyed my time at Starbucks and do hope that you take
this as good information to just tweak a few issues enabling Starbucks to strive
further, in staying as a good coffee company.
Thank you again Starbucks and NCR for this lovely opportunity.
Kind regards, Jacqi Lunt

Babyliss Hair Straighteners

Aimee Corten
1 Dec 2018

I recently started a hunt for a new pair of straighteners. My current pair I’d had about ten years and I was certainly in need of new ones. I’ve always been a big fan of Babyliss products and I immediately went on the hunt for their latest straighteners.
That’s how I ended up stumbling across National Consumer Review and thought I’d put my name down on the chance I may be picked. I was over the moon when I received the email from the team confirming I’d been chosen as one of their reviewers. I communicated with Tania, who sent over everything I needed and confirmed my delivery address.
The straighteners arrived within two days and I was really impressed with the packaging. They came in a beautifully designed box and I was over the moon to see that they also sent over a heat mat. I’ve definitely burned a floor or two in my time!
The actual straighteners themselves fit great in my hand and I’ve yet to burn any fingers, which I often did with my last pair. The buttons were easily marked and they heated up really quickly! As somebody who has thick, long hair, I can often find myself taking over an hour to straighten my hair. The Babyliss Pro has cut that time in half!
I absolutely adore my new straighteners and I love how the heat mat can be turned into a carrier, so I can pop them easily in my bag when I head out to the gym. I’d definitely recommend this product and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for Babyliss’ new products in the future.
My overall rating of this product would absolutely have to be a 5. I’m saving so much time in my morning routine and my hair is actually staying straight all day, which really is a new experience for me!

Sony TV

Joanna Miles
1 Oct 2018

Have to say this TV is great. Plug in and away you go. No need for written instructions as the TV software guides you effortlessly through it. Took minutes and I was able to watch. 
What a way to watch. The quality of the picture is amazingly clear especially using the sky Q box. Crystal clear sound too
It’s looks sleek and doesn’t intrude into the room and the perfect size at 49 inches. Neither too large nor too small
I’ve never had a Sony TV before but would certainly have one again 
All in all a fantastic product